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Eucomis vandermerwei is a lovely dwarf Pineapple Lily which is best grown in gritty compost in a container where it bulks up to form an outstanding clump. It is extremely rare in it's native home of South Africa. The deep-green leaves are slender and well-spotted usually with rippled edges, up to 5" (12cm) long. The miniature pineapple-lily flowers are a glistening rich-purple with yellow anthers held on short spikes up to 4" (10cm) high with a spotted bract atop to give a jewelled effect. If that isn'yt enough to tempt you, after flowering, the seedheads swell in shades of glossy deep-purple. Bring containers into a frost-free greenhouse or outbuilding in winter and keep dry until growth starts again the following Spring. When in flower, I love to position bowls of these on a tabletop outside where you can enjoy them at eye level.

Height 4-6" (10-15cm)
Spread 5"(12cm)
Flowering Period Summer/Autumn
Hardiness Needs some winter protection or a thick grit mulch.
Position Full sun or part-shade
Soil Well drained soil.
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