Prince of Orange


Pot Size : 9cm

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A hybrid bred by friends in Hollandů.. It caught my eye when visiting there and first having named it, Trecanna Nursery was the first to be able to offer it for sale in the UK. The erect upright stems bear up to 20 flowers. Each bloom is rich reddish-orange with a distinct golden centre that also displays 12 small burgundy flecks. It makes an excellent upright clump, and the attractive flowers are also followed by particularly attractive seed heads on upright stems, which are perfect for flower-arranging. The name comes from the title bestowed upon the heir to the crown of the Netherlands - a fitting name to this excellent hybrid.

Height 75-90cm (30-36")
Spread 45cm (18")
Flowering Period Summer
Hardiness Normally hardy provided soil is well-drained and mulch is applied in autumn
Position Full sun or part-shade
Soil Most soils but not too dry
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