Pot Size : 9cm

Crocosmia pottsii is one of the seven species of Crocosmia found in South Africa, where it usually grows if moist places, often alongside mountain streams where it flourishes and sets it's bouyant seeds adrift to find new homes. It bears masses of attractive small tubular orange/red flowers held in two rows on upright stems that curve horizontally as it flowers. Plant it where there is space to spread - it will form a wide spreading clump so keep it apart from other forms and allow plenty of space. I grow mine in a large container so that I can enjoy the wonderful flowers without the risk of spreading…

Height 75-90cm (30-36")
Spread 60cm + (24" +)
Flowering Period Summer
Hardiness Normally hardy
Position Full sun or part-shade
Soil Most soils but not too dry, it likes some moisture
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