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Blackboard Marker Plant Label


These are just wonderful - plant labels that don’t wash away…

Among the frustrations of gardening life are plant labels that wash away in the rain or fade after only a brief time leaving your favourite plants nameless.

These blackboard markers are a dream come true, just write the name (or planting date) using a chalk pen (available our website) for weatherproof naming. To re-use, simply wipe clean using methylated spirits and a cloth.

They are perfect for both flower and vegetable gardens. I use them to name all my Crocosmias in the garden and on the nursery and swear by them.

The markers are made from galvanised iron and measure 24cm high by 9cm wide. the writing area is approx. 80x55mm which is ample space.

They look so elegant in the garden...

Price is for one label.

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