comosa - The Slender Pineapple Lily - purple-leaved form


Pot Size : 9cm

This is a purple leaved version of The Slender Pineapple Lily. The leaves are spear shaped, up to 2ft (60cm) long and can be varying shades of purple. The flowers are usually pinkish with dark centres but can vary - the flower spikes rise to around 30" (75cm) with a dainty bract of leaflets atop. The sweet-scented flowers are pollinated by hoverflies and butterflies. In the wild this form of Pineapple Lily is supported by growing amongst tall grasses, but in our 'tidy' gardens it will appreciate a little support for the flower stems as them grow. It is superb in a container or in a sunny sheltered border. Bulbs in pots should be kept dry and frost free in winter, bulbs in the ground like a grit mulch.

Height 30" (75cm)
Spread 12" (30cm)
Flowering Period Summer/Autumn
Hardiness Hardy provided soil is dry in winter.
Position Full sun or part-shade
Soil Well-drained but moist in spring/summer.
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